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A great opportunity for our youth to learn CONVERSATIONAL FILIPINO and PHILIPPINE FOLK DANCING




The Association of Filipino Teachers in America (AFTA) and the Philippine American Concerned Citizens Action League, Inc.  (PACCAL) have again partnered for the 2nd year, in a very special project for the youth of Jersey City who are  in grades 3 to 12.    The Jersey City Public Schools is offering Conversational Filipino  and Philippine Folkdancing as part of their SUPER SATURDAYS program.

This will run for 10 Saturdays from January  through March.


The schools offering the CONVERSATIONAL FILIPINO are:


1)    PS 28  - 167 Hancock Ave.

2)    PS 37 - 158  Erie St.

3)    PS 40 -   88 Gates Ave.

4)    PS 5- 182 Merselles St.

5)    PS 6 -100 St. Paul's Ave

6)    PS 17 - 600 Bergen Ave.

7)    Ronald McNair Academic Highschool -  123 Coles St.



Philippine Folkdancing is being offered at:


1)    PS 37  - 158 Erie St.

2)    Ronald McNair Academic Highschool - 123 Coles St.


Conversational Filipino will be taught by members of AFTA who are certified ESL teachers.   Philippine Folkdancing will be taught by Virgie Alvarez, a former  member of the  world  famous Bayanihan Dance Troupe of the Philippines.  She is also  a very versatile dance instructor of international ethnic dances.


Students who enroll will not only learn abour Philippine culture, history and dances  but will have a lot of fun in the learning process.


Students from both private and public schools  (Filipinos or from other etnic backgrounds) are welcome to attend this free classes.  The only requirement is that they should be Jersey City residents.


In person registration dates at the above mentioned schools are Jan. 4, 5 & 6, 2000 from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.   Registrations may also be submitted by mail or by fax until Friday, Jan. 7, 2000.  Fax to Dr. Adele T. Macula at (201) 309-2956.


For registration forms, please call:

Linda Mayo - (201) 547-4900

Vicky Rey -   (201) 436-7501


PLEASE HURRY  and call for forms asap.  Courses will run based on student registration. This is a rare opportunity for our  Filipino youth to learn about their culture, their language, and their history.  



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