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The Mayor of the City of Jersey City Bret Schundler will join in the celebration of December 30 as Dr Jose Protacio Rizal.

Did you know that in May 1888 Dr Jose Rizal was here in the Tri-State area. He was fleeing the Spanish Authorities after his first novel "Noli Me Tangere" was published. He sailed to San Francisco earlier and took the cross country train to Chicago. He arrived in New York City and stayed at a trendy Hotel at 200 5th Ave, near the Madison Park. The pride of the Malay Race left for London onboard an Ocean Clipper Malta. In Europe he wrote his second novel "El Filibusterizmo" that farther inflamed the Spanish Government. He was executed in Manila upon his return few years later.

Years later, his famous last farewell was read on the US Congress by the members who were advocating for the Philippines independence. This was to show to the members of the US Congress that any one could write with passion and intelligence has the capacity for self government. This might enhance the Commonwealth and independence that followed. A man of letter proved that the pen is mightier than the sword..

Jose Rizal was correct in pointing out in his essay, "The Philippines Within a Century" (1889) the distinct possibility, the only such possibility he discussed, that "the great American Republic, whose

interests lie in the Pacific and who has no hand in the spoliation of Africa may some day dream of foreign possession."

Eleven years later, Senator Alfred Beveridge emphasized China's
illimitable markets for US goods just beyond the Philippines. "The
Pacific is our ocean," he said, reminding us of Rizal's own analysis
quoted above the previous paragraph.

Rizal's discussion on the possibility of American conquest of
the Philippines ended with the assertion that this would be "contrary
to her traditions." But the American public accepted the following
assertion from Beveridge: "The American Declaration of Independence
applies only to people capable of self-government, not to a race of
Malay children of barbarism schooled by Spaniards in the latter's
worst estate." As the American Anti-Imperialist League put it, the
policy of the US government in the Philippines sought "to extinguish
the spirit of 1776."

He was a very smart man that he foresaw the American coming to the Philippines decade later.
I wonder if you knew that 100 years later there will be half a million of his countryman settling alone the banks of Hudson.

Picture of the Maria Clara Terno by..Genoveva Q Sancho- Taculod of Jersey City
Wearing the "Inang Bayan " (Mother Phil) Crown in Oct 26, 1997 Sponsored by
Phil. Centenial Northeast US and Canada Inc.

Subject:Filipino World War II Veterans gain support of Jersey City Council

- Filipino veterans have found an ally in the municipal council of Jersey City, New Jersey in their 50-year-old campaign for equity and compensation for their heroism in World War II.
Voting unanimously, the nine-member City of Jersey municipal
council passed a resolution supporting the Filipino Veterans Equity
Bill (U.S. Senate Bill 623 and U.S. House Bill 836) pending in the US
The Jersey City Municipal Council "offers its strong support in
favor of the Filipino Veterans Equity Bill and urges all members of the
New Jersey Congressional delegation to vote for the passage of this
important and overdue measure," the resolution said.
A copy of the resolution was given to President Fidel V. Ramos
while he was in New York City last November 26.
The council's approval of the resolution was published by the
Express, a paper circulated in New Jersey and New York.
"Jersey City is home to more than 20,000 Filipino-Americans and has
enjoyed more than five decades of contributions to our community's
economic and cultural vitality by Filipino World War II veterans," the
resolution said.
The city aldermen deplored the "unjust treatment of our Filipino
veterans due to contradictory United States' government policies that
are now the focus of corrective legislation being considered by
In June 1944, "in gratitude for the service of all US Armed Forces soldier, the Congress passed the Serviceman's Readjustment Act, better known as the GI Bill of Rights, a law providing a range of benefits to the men and women who fought under the American flag without regard for race, color or national origin," it added.
"Beside, the Filipinos, over 116,000 other aliens from 66 countries
were initially qualified for and have now received full or equal GI Bill benefits," the resolution stated.
Two years later, it added, "the Congress passed two acts stripping
away GI Bill entitlements from the Filipinos but not the other
countries' veterans. Only service-connected disability or death
benefits were left intact and those were injured received nothing at
It recalled that then US President Truman "acknowledged that these
Filipino men were really American veterans. Philippine Army veterans are nationals of the United States and will continue in that status until July 4, 1948. They fought as American nationals under the
American flag and at the direction of our military leaders, They fought with gallantry and courage under the most difficult conditions during the recent conflict", the resolution added.
"Today, less than 70,000 elderly Filipino WWII veterans have
survived - - - 28,000 are now naturalized American citizens and many are sick and living in poverty," the resolution pointed out.
"The Filipino Veterans Equity Bill would restore the benefits - -
pension, health care and burial - - that American promised all of its
soldiers in 1944 by repeating the 1946 Rescission Act," the Jersey
resolution said.
The resolution was signed by Robert Byrne, city clerk; Thomas A.
De Gise, president of the Municipal Council, and Mariano Vega Jr.
Tales of Two Cities

Early this year, the Mayor of Jersey City and his staff visited the Philippines and China. The highlight of the cultural and busines trip was meeting the President of the Philippines.
The party included the Filipino mayoral aide, Mr & Mrs Equipado and Mr & Mrs Cuaderno. It must have been a joyous balikbayan for the couples and great experience for the Mayor learning the roots of his political supporters. The Mayor also met the other presidential candidates who are running for the seat that Ramos will be soon leaving because of term limit.

In the Philippine White House

Malacanan is the Presidential Palace of the Philippines. The word means "there Is a Chief there" (may lakan yan) Nestor Palugod Enriquez



Casa Victoria is very pleased to present in a concert at New Jersey
Performing Art Center, Newark, New Jersey, a group of distinguished artists -
Lani Mesinas, coloratura soprano; Aida Gamboa, mezzo soprano; Lisa Florentino,
coloratura soprano; Ramon Acoymo, tenor; Victor Asuncion, pianist; The Musical
Connection, chorale; and, Dennis Bernardo, musical director and pianist.
Dubbed TAGUMPAY (Triumph) this concert, a musical offering to the world, is in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Philippine Independence Day. May this event enhearten our pride in ethnic roots and sensibilities.
You are cordially invited to this concert to be held at the newly inaugurated
and beautiful New Jersey Performing Art Center at Newark, New Jersey, on May 8, 1998,
Friday, at 7:30 PM.
Tickets will be available soon at $35.00 each. In line with our cultural goal
for the youth, Casa Victoria has special offer of $15.00 to students with IDs.
Please call 201 963-0455 for your reservation.
Please spread this good news to your loved one, relatives and friends.
Salamat po!

Romualdo Ferrer

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