From: "DeE RaZo" <>


Subject: Hello...

Hi there Nestor...

My name is Dee and I was surfing the net and came upon your homepage...I was doing some research for my paper about Filipino immigration to the US...Your homepage was very useful...Thank you for all the info about Filipino Americans...I have cousins that live in Jersey City...I havent been there since 93 or keep in touch with my extended family ever since my parents divorced...They live near the Medical Center off Montomery on MIll rd...I was wondering if u know how the place looks like now and if have any pictures of that particular area....I like your website but if u include more pics of Jersey City, I think your homepage will look better since u mostly talk about JC might as well add pictures of JC to those people on the net who wants to see what JC has to offer...take care Nestor


Dee =)